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Home Pest Control

We provide comprhensive Home Pest Control Services to target most household pests such as ants, roaches, silverfish and spiders.  Our approach is to treat each situation individually while utilizing the latest and safest technology.  All of our technicians are routinely trained in order to provide our customers with the best and most effective service.

There are many ‘new’ types of ants invading our area, which need special treatments.  Examples of these ants are Carpenter Ants, White-footed Ants, Caribbean Ants, etc.  These types of ants can be identified and treated by your technician.

We offer many programs, including, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and annual service.  We do not require a long-term contract or commitment from our clients, but rather do our utmost to keep our clients happy by providing good service at very reasonable prices.

Most new customers need what is called an initial clean out, doing a thorough interior, exterior and perimeter treatment of their home.  Once control is established we treat the exterior and perimeter where most pest problems usually begin.  Should you see any live activity between your regularly scheduled appointments, simply call our office and we'll schedule a free callback.

Carpenter Ant Treatment

The key to controlling these ants is to locate and destroy the ‘nest’.  Doing so can be time consuming, as there could be more than one nest.

White-footed Ant


This is a relatively new ant for our area and it usually requires two to three treatments scheduled over a two month period. The structure is treated as well as other areas such as trees and shrubs against your home.

Prices vary for this service depending on the area to be treated. We may also recommend treating the lawn area if necessary.

Fleas and Ticks

In order to eradicate these pests, we must treat all phases of its life cycle.  Therefore, it is necessary to provide at least two treatments initially.  We thoroughly treat the interior of your home with applications occurring 10-14 days apart.

If you have cats or dogs then we highly recommend that you put your pets on a program provided by your vet.  And if the pets go out on your lawn, the lawn should be treated as well for optimum results.


If you have them, you don’t want them!  As the weather changes, many rodents seek refuge indoors.  Nord Pest Control can control these disease carrying pests with traps and various other methods.  We can advise you on preventing, identifying, and controlling various types of rodents.

Call our office and we will be happy to provide you with a free estimate for our service.

We Accept All Major Credit Cards and Paypal Payment Option

*3% Surcharge applies for all major credit cards *1.5% Surcharge applies for Paypal payment processing

Please notify our offices should you decide to pay by credit card or through Paypal prior to your appointment.

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