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Lawn Pest Control

Nord Pest Control wants you to have a lush and beautiful lawn.  We offer a variety of treatments to enhance the care you give your lawn.  Our staff is trained and qualified to provide the homeowner with the most recent and effective treatment and advice to maintain that perfect Florida lawn.​  We provide an assortment of lawn and pest control services including, fertilization, turf-destroying insect control, lawn disease control, weed control, weed control other than typical broad-leaf weeds, fungicide treatments and fire ant control.

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What Nord Pest Control Offers





Nord Pest Control strives to provide professional and cost effective lawn pest control services. 



  • Lawn pest control, weed control, disease control and fertilizer treatments

  • Both liquid and granular treatments - depending on the need and the season 

  • Two granular fertilizer treatments per year (Spring & Fall)


  • Treatments are every eight weeks (six times per year)




Lawn Care in Florida

The following information includes excerpts from the book, ‘Ornamental and Turf Grass Pest Management’, published by the University of Florida.

  • Let turf grass rest during time of treatment

  • Mow at the height recommended for the specific type of grass, St. Augustine 3 1/2 - 4 inches

  • Mow often enough to limit stress on the turf grass

  • Rake, sweep or vacuum up thatch and take it away!


 Major Credit Cards Accepted For Lawn Pest Control and Treatments-Call the Office 

Paypal Payment Option Only *1.5% Surcharge applies for PayPal payment processing
Please notify our offices should you decide to pay with PayPal for instructions.

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